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Best Bass Fishing Charters – A Lifetime Experience

It is official, fishing makes you a healthier and happier person! It reduces anxiety, fights depression, and makes you physically and mentally stronger. The positive effects of your fishing trip can last weeks after. So, why would you stay in town any longer? It’s high time you got away from busy streets and your everyday life. Get a new lifetime experience on some of the best bass fishing charters all around the United States, or around the world, why not! Fishing trips are fantastic for social bonding. Sharing a fishing experience with friends and family strengthens your relationships. Practice this

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White bass fish

White Bass: Tips and Tricks for White Bass Fishing

White bass are a migratory freshwater fish and a member of the temperate bass family, which also includes the striped bass. White bass is also called silver bass and is the state fish of Oklahoma and the fifth most preferred species among Texas anglers where it’s called sand bass. In order to become a complete pro white bass angler, you need to understand the biology, migratory behavior, their habitat and appropriate fishing techniques, and of course, the best white bass fishing destinations near you. Table of Contents Where to find White bass? You can find a white bass almost all

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smallmouth bass fish

Smallmouth Bass – Everything You Want to Know About Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Meet one of the most loveable fish of the bass family! Smallmouth bass is a popular game fish sought by anglers throughout the North America and many cool-water tributaries and lakes in Canada. Known as an incredible fighter, this fantastic fish has many common names such as smallmouth, bronzeback, brown bass, brownie, smallie, bareback bass, or bronze bass. You can call them however you want, but one is for sure, you will enjoy catching these beauties! Table of Contents Where to Find Smallmouth Bass? Smallmouth bass are native to the Saint Lawrence River–Great Lakes system, the upper and middle Mississippi River basin, and up into the Hudson

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largemouth bass in the water

Largemouth Bass

Meet the most popular freshwater game fish in the US – Largemouth Bass, a state fish of Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi. They are one of the top predators in the natural ecosystem and astonishing aquatic animals. Also known as black bass, widemouth bass, Florida largemouth, green trout, bigmouth bass, lineside bass, they strike aggressively, fight hard, and will often leap out of the water in stunning displays of acrobatics which takes every angler’s breath away. Table of Contents Where to find largemouth bass? Largemouth bass can mostly be found in eastern and central North America: in Canada, the United

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largemouth bass

All About Her Majesty – BASS

Learn all about bass if you want to catch it! Having bass in your hand is an indescribable feeling. But, in order to have a good catch, you have to know everything: where is the best bass fishing, when is the best bass fishing time and of course the most important what’s its favorite bass bait. Table of Contents Everything About Bass! Largemouth, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass are the most popular game fish in North America. The largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) is perhaps the American angler most prized trophy. Shading from olive green near the dorsal fin to a brilliantly white

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