Best Bass Fishing Charters – A Lifetime Experience

It is official, fishing makes you a healthier and happier person! It reduces anxiety, fights depression, and makes you physically and mentally stronger. The positive effects of your fishing trip can last weeks after. So, why would you stay in town any longer? It’s high time you got away from busy streets and your everyday life. Get a new lifetime experience on some of the best bass fishing charters all around the United States, or around the world, why not!

bass fishing charter

Fishing trips are fantastic for social bonding. Sharing a fishing experience with friends and family strengthens your relationships. Practice this once in a while and let fishing trips become your new healthy habit. It is the best high-quality time spent with people you love. Imagine all the stories about your fishing adventures you are going to tell for years!

Are fishing charters worth it?

Definitely YES! Fishing with a local guide will increase your chances of staying on the constant bite. No matter whether you wish from a boat or from a shore. Charter captains spend years in the area and know by heart every stone and where and when to find the best catch. They will do their best to make each trip a fantastic experience.

Get ready for the bass fishing charter!

Wanna put a smile back to your face and forget about everyday troubles? Choose the bass you want to fish: largemouth, smallmouth, striper, white bass, peacock bass, sea bass etc. Choose your favorite fishing type of water: river, inshore, offshore, reef, lake fishing, nearshore fishing… Set your bass fishing gear and get ready for the adventure. No matter what fishing technique: deep sea fishing, bottom fishing, fly fishing, jigging… there is always a great fishing charter for everyone.

Largemouth Bass Fishing Charters

Exploring waters with largemouth by yourself can be exciting, but also exhausting if you don’t know where exactly to fish. Guided fishing can be more than adventure. If you find the right people who will help you catch the biggest largemouth in your life.

Where to Find Largemouth Bass?

Bass can be found in rivers, creeks, streams, lakes and ponds throughout the USA, Mexico, Central America and throughout the world. It’s on you to choose your favorite type of water and where you wanna fish. Don’t just stick to the lakes near you, try out something different – explore the best bass fishing lakes in Texas where are some of the top 10 bass fishing lakes in America. Rent a 2 person bass fishing boat and have a great time this season.

Bass Fishing in Florida

Thinking about Florida bass fishing this year? You will make the right decision for sure. Largemouth is Florida’s number one sport fish and the most popular among anglers. Let the guides show you the way and provide you with artificial lures and finest tackle. Everything you need for a productive day on the water will be set for you. Captains are fishermen at heart who truly want to see their clients catch world-class fish and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Peacock Bass Fishing Charters

Most people go to Miami to spend time on the beach and have parties. But anglers go there for a completely different reason. That is one of the best places for fishing for peacock bass. You can see hundreds of anglers flocked to the local canals to try out their skills. 


Peacock Bass Fishing Charters in Florida


Butterfly peacock bass is Florida’s most popular freshwater catch, thanks to its fighting abilities and fantastic taste. Peacock bass loves warm waters and South Florida is an ideal place where they are active throughout the year. The best spot to find them is in the Tamiami Canal System and Snapper Creek. There is over 40 miles of water you can explore and find your prey around rocks and bridge pilings and also under any underwater construction. The biggest peacock bass in Florida (10 lb) came from the Tamiami Canals. Maybe you will get lucky and catch the bigger one. Try your luck!

Peacock Bass Fishing Season

Peacock bass fishing varies moderately throughout the year, but the high season is from May to August. From January to March and from October to December is the low season. So, there is no closed season and you can enjoy fishing these beauties whenever you want.

Striped Bass Fishing Charters

Wanna catch the biggest striper in your life? You can choose among various striped bass fishing charters, but wherever you go, you can be asured that you will have a great time. Montauk, Ocean City, from the St Lawrence to St John’s Rivers, Lake Livingston in Texas, Cherokee lake or Chesapeake Bay are just some of the places where you can fish this beauty.

Early mornings or evenings are the ideal times to fish for striper as long as the tide is moving. Using the topwater lures is one the most entertaining ways to attract the Striped Bass. Another method to lure your striper is trolling, but it can also attract other types of fish. Using bucktails and surge tubes with planers and inline weights, small spoons are optimal for sporitfishing in the region of Chesapeake Bay. 

Another method to entice striped bass is light tackle fishing. But you don’t have to bother yourself what tactic to use, you will have an experienced guide by your side that sill provide you all the necessary tackle and useful advice to catch your best striper in life.

Massachusetts Striped Bass Fishing

Some people say that striper fishing in Massachusetts is number one fishing experience. Locals love to boast that there was caught the fish as big as 73 pounds in their waters. They use different fishing techniques: from deep water jigging to live bait and lures on the surface. From May to July is the best time to catch your favorite fish. Striped bass fishing during the Fall migration is also fantastic, cause it brings you some great fishing experience. Some of the biggest fish have been caught in late September, when striper are all fattened up from a summer of feeding.

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